Free Books! No Foolin’!

Due to the disastrous pandemic of COVID-19, I am now offering all three of the current Druid Chronicles books for FREE. All I ask is that you stay home and read… and maybe share my books if you think someone will like them.

Get FREE Druid Chronicles ebooks here!


All three books are only free on Smashwords at the moment, but Smashwords is awesome and offers ebook files in most popular formats. Amazon will probably take a few days to catch up.

How to use Smashwords

I am also considering posting the chapters of Chosen that I’ve already written, followed by the new chapters. I’ll give y’all a month or so to get through the first three. Keep in mind that it’ll be a first draft, and that all first drafts are shit. 😉

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Free Books! No Foolin’!

  1. karen m stofel says:

    I haven’t been so enthralled by a book series in a long time. I really want to read book four but have been unable to find the title or the book. can you help me please?

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