I was musing this morning on how so many people’s lives have been dramatically changed within the last few weeks, and how, except for the last two weeks of preparation, that of my family remains almost the same.

We all work in service jobs, so we’re all still going to work. After my cleaning frenzy last week, my schedule went back to normal: work on the weekends, horses in the morning, laundry/cooking/cleaning in the afternoons, and video games or reading in the evenings. I haven’t been writing for a few months now but have started to consider when I’m going to fit it back into my schedule due to the one big change.

The big change is that because Rory is out of school, my days are not my own anymore, if indeed they ever were. Luckily, her mom has been going to work in the afternoons so I still have my precious time at the barn. Edward refers to this has my “horse therapy” and with good reason.

Today I spent the morning working with Peregrine and Luna. After lunch, I took Rory outside to play while I cleaned up the flower bed and picked up trash left over from the pool and when Ed painted the house last year. Then I finished the Witcher book, couldn’t find any others (Surprise! We don’t have them!) and grabbed a Shannara book.

The Shannara novels by Terry Brooks are my lifelong favorite and in the past several years I’ve been buying signed copies… and putting them on my bookshelf with the previous ones. One of my resolutions this year was to read all 50+ books that I’ve bought and not read in the past decade, so it seemed a good place to start.


Tonight, my younger sister texted to ask if I had any masks, or a sewing machine, presumably to make masks. I texted back to say no, we didn’t, and that those homemade masks are next to worthless unless you add a HEPA filter to it. Her son was sick all last week and still wheezing this week. She’s sick now, too… and so is our mother, who was tested for COVID-19 today. She’s in her 70s. Forgot to mention, my sister and nephew are living with our parents while she’s attending college.

So much for us staying away, I thought. Then again, my nephew was in daycare and my mom is an administrative assistant (i.e., church secretary) who of course deals with the public. I told her two weeks ago that she needed to start working from home and that my sister should pull her kid out of daycare, but I received noncommittal responses.

No one dissembles better than my mother.

I don’t know any facts about their illnesses, but my guess is that they all have been infected with the novel coronavirus – because clearly it’s been around longer than a few weeks and we’re only just noticing now.

Time will see what tomorrow brings.

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