Zombies, Run! 5K Trainer

I’ve been meaning to start running again for about a year now, and while the C25K app is a wonderful training app, I needed a little more encouragement.

I downloaded the Zombies, Run! app several weeks ago and used it for the first time today. Without giving away too many spoilers, here are my thoughts on my first run.

First off, it’s walking and running because, duh, it’s a trainer. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, or maybe they didn’t give instructions, but I was initially confused on exactly when I was supposed to be doing what – except for the first run segment when they tell you to run for your life. I’m still not sure but settled on running during the silent parts and walking when the dramatization continues.

Note: My music drowned out the dramatization segments so I had to keep pausing it manually. I need to to set the music app to pause or quieten for other apps.On to the story. I found myself in a helicopter going to Abel Township. It sounded like an island of sanity (or at least safety) in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, and a nice British lady explains that they need “Runners” to do missions and bring back supplies.

Some asshole fires a rocket at our helicopter, upon which Nice British Lady sounds mildly alarmed. Must be that British stiff upper lip. As our wounded bird plummets to the ground, I can’t believe she isn’t screaming right now? I’d be screaming if I could fucking breathe. You want me to what??? Oh, hell, no, lady. Parachuting from a falling helicopter is like jumping into a food processor. I’ll take my chances in here.

7:01 PM
Nice British Lady didn’t make it. But I did! Yay me! As I got on my feet, a helpful British gent contacted me on the radio telling me to RUN!

7:07 PM
As I enjoyed a breather from the run, some egghead gets on the radio and vaguebooks about some file that may or may not be the salvation of the human race, but I’d better run to avoid the zombies on the way to the site. Oh, and no supplies = no entry? Are they freaking serious? Like I needed more motivation than not wanting to be fast food for a zombie. Or food that’s supposed to be fast but isn’t because you’re stuck in the drive-thru waiting for it still.

7:15 PM
Right. Get the important info to the township. Just call me Mazer Rackham.

7:20 PM
Oh shit oh shit Oh shit I can’t BREATHE please tell me I’m safe so I can stop.

7:22 PM
Oh, thank goodness. Am I getting a blister on the ball of my foot? I know it’s been a couple of years since I ran on the regular (okay longer than that), but these are Altras I’m wearing. They make me look like Ronald McDonald going through a fabulous phase.

7:25 PM
Oh, thank the gods that ever were, I made it. What’s that? Did I bring any food?!? Yeah, I did. It’s back there in the helicopter wreckage. Have fun getting it.

Super fun, ya? BTW, running isn’t required. Slow walking alternated with fast walking is perfectly acceptable. Just watch out for the Zoms!

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