Free ebook time!!!

I’ve posted this all over Facebook and Twitter, but it didn’t occur to post here until just now.  Mea culpa, hopefully what I have to say will make up for it.

Right now, both of my books are FREE in ebook format on!

Traveler: Book One of the Druid Chronicles is always free.  Why?  Because I believe in “try before you buy”.  One of my favorite series started as a free trilogy and I bought the next four books of that one, then the next seven of the series that followed.  🙂

Warrior: Book Two of the Druid Chronicles is free from now (well, actually since yesterday) until Monday, 11 January.

There are few pleasures greater than snuggling under a warm blanket with some hot tea and a good book to read.  Also, reading both books means you can safely enjoy the serial novella that I’ll be posting monthly (although my goal is every other week)!

I hope you enjoy both novels and would love to hear feedback!  Also, if you post a review on Amazon (it doesn’t have to be long), let me know and I’ll gift Book Three of the Druid Chronicles to you.  🙂

Happy New Year!



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