“It Must Be Your Love” by Bella Andre

It Must Be Your Love (The Sullivans, #11)It Must Be Your Love by Bella Andre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I very much enjoyed reading this book (Kindle edition). Romance novels are my not-so-guilty pleasure, and although I prefer historical romance (re: swords and kilts), I’ll dive into the occasional modern romance.

Most modern romance novels seem to follow this formula: boy meets girl, they have hot nasty sex, something drives them apart even as they are realizing they are in love (after a one-night stand, no less), they go through some struggles and end up together. This one is a little different, and that difference makes it stand out.

First, there is mention of a previous sexual encounter and its fabulousness, but no real dirty details. Instead, Andre does something unusual, in having her characters become friends. True, they’re making out hot and heavy in some really erotic foreplay, but that’s all it is — foreplay. It takes a while to get to the main event, and all the while the reader is never quite sure if it will actually happen.

Second, the main characters, Mia and Ford, did have the initial passionate meeting, but it’s part of the back story. What I really enjoyed is that the female protagonist, Mia, has a successful career and life, as well as friendships and a good family relationship — all of which is completely independent of Ford, the male protagonist. I really like that. One tires of run-of-the-mill working girls who are rescued from their mundane lives by fabulously wealthy guys. Ford is fabulously wealthy, but even after they acknowledge their feelings for one another, there is no mention of Mia giving up her career just because he can support her. There is also no guarantee that they will end up together.

So if you’re in the mood for some heavy romance, a little angst, and a lot of spicy foreplay and sex with a strong female protagonist, this is definitely the book for you.

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