Breaking Past Being a No-Name Author: Second Book Syndrome

I posted a book review of S.M.Welles first novel, and am reblogging her own post about the second. Guess I’ll have to write a review of it, too, but for now I will let her speak for herself. Prepare to be amazed when she mentions her age. We’ve got another Christopher Paolini here. 😉

Angela B. M. Guajardo

Yeah. That thing–or perhaps you’ve never heard of it. Well then Google it. Actually do just that even if you have. There’s some amusing stuff out there.

Anyway, with the release of the second book in my fantasy trilogy sometime in the next week, I’m both excited and nervous. When I wrote the first book, I was this ignorant eighteen-year-old who didn’t know how to write or tell stories, freshly bitten by the writer’s bug, and who wanted to share her imagination with the whole world. Had that whole googly-eyed passion for what I was doing/creating. I was completely oblivious to how merciless and harsh the literary industry is. How I sometimes wish I could go back to that naive happiness… Well, life goes on and you work with what you have, what you know, and even with what you don’t know. The key is to never assume anything, especially…

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