One Last 5K

I ran the last 5K of the race season this past Saturday.  It was “Run Crazy for CASA” and participants were encouraged to dress up in costume.  I went as Captain Jen Sparrow (haha).  I even tried to imitate the heavy black eyeliner, but couldn’t get it to look grungy enough.  My sister bought the Captain Jack Sparrow hat (complete with dreadlocks and bandanna) for my son a few years ago.  I think I’ve worn it more than he has; anyway, we’ve gotten some good mileage out of it.  I ran the whole way in the hat, came in at 33:46.  Not my best time, but I blame wind resistance.  I’m going by the time/distance on my Garmin, because I forgot to pick up my race chip.

I don’t know why I have race chip issues.  Maybe because I get nervous before each race.  It also could be due to the fact that you pick your race packet up at one little tent, and I keep thinking the chip will be in the bag.  It isn’t, and if they don’t say “Hey, go get your chip over there” I bumble around and usually end up getting it at the last second.  There are never any signs, either.  Or maybe there are, but I don’t wear contacts and I can’t read at a distance without my glasses. 

My PR to date was at the “Heart and Sole 5K”, on Sept. 28th.  BTW, I usually run Saturday races after working a 12-hour shift in the ER.  I also run nearly ever Saturday morning after work, so it’s not as heroic as it might sound.  I can’t believe that I didn’t blog about it, because not only did I PR at 31:48, but I also placed first in my age group.  I also got a trophy.  🙂  Getting a trophy was cool and all, but I hope it’s not going to be the usual reward, because I don’t have a shelf up on the “I love me” wall of race bibs that I’ve started in the kitchen.

My co-worker Run Princess attempted her first half-marathon that day.  It didn’t go so well.  Her knee popped around mile 4 and she ended up walking the rest of the way.  I think I’d have died of boredom and frustration.  I also wouldn’t have made it by the minimum time, but she walks pretty fast.  I admire her gumption.  She was disappointed, but it was her first one and she’d never run the entire distance before.  She’s running the St. Jude’s Half in December, so this was a trial run (no pun intended).

 I’m kind of sad that the race season stops when it gets cold here.  I don’t run well in 80 – 90 degrees with 85% humidity.  It’s just too hard to breathe.  Summer is when my allergies are the worst and I have to use my inhaler before every run.  I can usually skip it in when the air is cool.  I was planning on working on speed increases this winter (and still might), but my focus has changed to working up to a 10K.  When I told this to my coworker, Run Princess, she got excited and said “Oh good, I haven’t run a 10K yet!”    I’m using the 10K Free app on my iPod; it has ads, but I just couldn’t see paying full price for something when I’m not even using half of it.  

I’ve started on week 9 of the program, which is fairly similar to the Couch-to-5K app that I used when I got back into running.  Today’s run was a 5 minute warm-up, followed by four intervals of 10 minute run with a 1 minute walk, then a 5 minute cooldown.  I ran 3.75 miles in 43:47, about my usual eleven and a half minute mile.  I was doing fine until that hill the size of Mt. Everest.  Had to walk halfway up that sucker, because I just couldn’t get enough air.  So far I’m happy with the program.  Hopefully working up to a 10K slowly will prevent my right hip from being injured again.


Until next time… ARRRRRR!!!!


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