So busy, but running again! :)

I quit writing the blog, because I really ramped up on my last novel.  Finished it a couple of weeks ago, and started rewriting another one.  Sometimes I think I have a limited well of material upon which to draw for writing, but I’m not sure that’s really true.  So, I am hereby committing to writing at least once a month, and hopefully more.

My hip is great now.  I’m totally sold on aqua jogging.  It kept me enough in shape to get back to running a few weeks back.  Getting through that 2.5 miles was tough and I was breathing like a freight train, but I never stopped running.  Unfortunately, running the pool in the summer costs quite a bit of money, so next year I’m not sure we’ll open it.  

There are a great many other things that need our money and attention, and the pool didn’t get used enough to justify it, even with the hip rehab.  I could have gone to the city pool.  My husband graduated from LPN school and is back in college to fulfill the prerequisites for RN school.  I work full time as an RN, write novels, and am now my youngest son’s “Learning Coach” for his online public charter school.  His comment:  “Wow, Mom, now you have three jobs.  You’re a nurse, a writer, and now you’re my teacher.”   I like having a smart kid with a brain.  Someday I hope to have one, too.  A brain, I mean.

Two weekends ago I left work and joined a bunch of other runners for the “Leavin’ Childhood Cancer in the Dust 5K.”  It was at my usual place to run, the park, so I figured it would be no big deal.


There are really two main routes to perambulate in the park, and several minor ones.  One is the chat track around the lake, beneath tall, old trees, with a beautiful view of the lake.  It’s about 2.5 miles.  You have to avoid the Canadian goose poo (they live here year round) and occasional dog poo, but it’s still nice.  The other place is the asphalt road around the park, which is a 5K distance with some maneuvering/overlap.  I had never run it before, because it’s all HILLS.  When people ask me why I don’t run it, I tell them that if I wanted to run on hills, I’d do it in my neighborhood, which is 75% hills.  BIG hills, with 30 – 40 degree inclines.  Not fun.  

Somehow I thought that this race was going to be on the chat track, and that we’d just overlap or something to get the full distance.  Wrong!  It was on the hills.  I found out the day before.  It worried me a little, because it was the first 5K I had scheduled to run since my hip injury.  However, the run was for a good cause and I was running with my co-worker.  I’ll call her The Princess.  She’d like that.  No, really.  She would.

I hadn’t trained for those hills and so I rationalized that it would be okay to stop.  I discovered during the race that I’m actually rather competitive, because in spite of being out of breath and some muscle strain from running uphill, I did NOT stop.  I will wimp out relatively easily when running alone; but, put me with a group of other runners, and a fire-breathing dragon emerges.  I would be darned if that lady in the pink tank top who was walk/running the race was going to beat me.  She was walking, for pete’s sake.  I suppose I should point out that my jog was so slow, I probably could have walked up the hills faster.  Probably should have walked.  

However, I was all legs on the downhill slope, but extending my stride like Sea Biscuit trying to beat War Admiral.  Thankfully, there were lots of downhills to match the uphills, so it seemed to even out my time.  After trucking across the finish line at a blazing sprint, I finished at 33:46.  This is 4 seconds slower than my PR, which was last May on an entirely flat course.  Therefore, I considered it a victory.  I also placed second in my age division, as did The Princess.  I came home singing “I just got a medal” to the tune of “We Just Got a Letter” from Blue’s Clues.


Looking forward to winter, when I can really focus on increasing my speed.  I just don’t do well in the heat.  Can’t breathe well, and my body is working so hard to cool off (i.e., sweating buckets), that it’s a strain to work harder.  Love running in 32 degrees.  Maybe we should move up north.  🙂


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