It’s 6 o’clock in the morning now, and I will be going to bed in a couple of hours, but first I’d like to share what I’ve been up to all night.  I didn’t even roll out of bed until 5:30 pm yesterday, so I’ve been up a little over 12 hours.  Here’s how I spent the evening:

ViniYoga for the lower back:  This DVD was the best $15 I’ve ever spent in my life.  I am a nurse, and frequently have to assist in repositioning people who are quite obese, to the tune of 300 – 500 lbs.  Occasionally, 600 lbs.  My back hurts frequently, because I haven’t always been the most physically fit.  This DVD has been a godsend, because it has given me such relief over the past few months.  Here’s the link:

After that, I went for a run, which made me feel TERRIFIC!  Made dinner for the hubby and I, spent some fruitless time messing about with “Age of Conan.”  I say fruitless because after two installs with the CDs, and finally downloading it from the site, I still can’t log in and play.  Irritating.

It was a blessing in disguise, I suppose.  I chatted it up on Facebook with my sister who lives in California (I’m in Arkansas), about men, jewelry, exercising, and having fun.  At the same time I worked on a pair of earrings, and then decided to finish a bracelet/cuff that I started sometime last year.  I’m a great one for starting projects and not finishing them.  Typical Aries.  😉

ImageI was inspired to make the earrings by the ones my sister Mary Claire gave me for my birthday this year:

ImageI see many more pairs of cute, dangly earrings in my future. 😉  I have blue/green and purple.  Now I’m sure I need red, and I have a bunch of beads in clear green and aqua, for a leafy/nature theme.  Speaking of leafy/nature themes, this is a bracelet I created last year for summer:

ImageIt’s fun to wear, as some of the leaves flutter, and the faceted beads shine like dragonfly eyes.  

What will tomorrow night hold?  Definitely cleaning up the pool deck while it’s light, and a walk in my hilly neighborhood for exercise in the cool of the evening.  I need to work on my book edits, but I think I’ll spend some time working on a pencil drawing I started a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe more earrings, too.  

Anything is possible, when you have the whole night.

It’s 6 o’cloc…


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